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Need statistical data for comparison with my simulation

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    Hello, I'm new to this forum so I don't really know if this is the correct section for this question, but I couldn't find anything that fits better.

    I'm in my last year in school and writing a program for an extended essay (at least that is what google tells me is the translation for the german word "facharbeit"). It is able to simulate balls being thrown under varying circumstances. I can use either Newton's or Stoke's formula for friction and use either vacuum, air or water as a medium. The ball's size, mass and drag coefficient (this is assumed to be constant throughout the simulation, though) can also be set by the user.

    The simulation works fine, but my teacher insists that I proof its precision.

    I just need a bunch of data of balls being thrown to compare the results with my simulation.
    I have googled a lot, but I can't find simple statistical data of real-world experiments anywhere.

    Does anybody know where to find this?

    I will upload the finished program if you want, but it's in german and may therefore be difficult to use.
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