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Homework Help: Nernst Equation Applied to Half-Reactions

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    [SOLVED] Nernst Equation Applied to Half-Reactions

    The Nernst equation can be applied to half-reactions.

    Calculate the reduction potential (at 25°C) of the half-cell
    Cu/Cu2+ (1.9×10-4 M).
    (The half-reaction is Cu2+ + 2e- --> Cu. E° = 0.34 V)

    0.34-[ (8.314)(298)/ (2)(96485)] * ln(1.9E-4)

    This produces an answer of 0.45 V which I am confident is
    the correct answer to this question but it says incorrect.
    Am I approaching this question wrong, or doing the
    calculations wrong?
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    add me i did this one already but i need help on another, maybe u can help me, and if u need any maybe i have gotten!!!:S!
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    ^^ sent you an email
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    nevermind...I got it. Forgot Q had to be flipped. Thanks though
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