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    This first part wasn't meant to be scholarly but it did express my sentiments on some current communications methods.
    Amazing, how the degree of opportunities to communicate, seemingly to me, create a inverse relationship (one factor goes up while another factor goes down) to calmness and how we (me, by participating) perpetuate it. I am thinking to create a 'sanctuary' for myself...namely, turning my phone off, unless I need it and not being reachable, free time to just be with....my environment. Perhaps, I can find a hole and crawl in! No, just kidding, but I am on in age, 66, and tiring of the scrabble.

    I am working to create more tranquility in my life. I look forward to visiting this site infrequently, although it seems a quite valuable resource. Thanks for sharing what you know with those that seek that knowledge; how cool is that!

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    Welcome to PF!
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