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Nuclear PHysics Textbook

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    Hey Everyone,

    I'm an undergraduate student attempting to learn some nuclear physics. It's not offered at my university but a professor of mine said that if I can get him a textbook he'll do an independent study with me where he teaches me from it.

    Any suggestions? I have close to no quantum experience if this affects anyone's recommendation.

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    Hi narmerguy,

    Quantum is recommended. My university, as well as many others, uses D.J. Griffiths book: Introduction to Quantum Mechanics.

    The books for nuclear physics used at my university are:
    An introduction to the physics of nuclei and particles, R.A. Dunlap
    Atoms, Molecules and Photons, W. Demtröder

    I haven't done this course yet, but the people I know who did, made me believe you could use these books.

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    Introductory Nuclear Physics by Kenneth S. Krane

    It is the bible of any nuclear physicist or nuclear engineer.
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    I would also recommend Krane. But it is merely an introductory text, far from comprehensive. Another nice introduction book is "Nuclear Physics in a Nutshell" by Bertulani. Krane and Bertulani would be nice companion books.
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