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Homework Help: Object bouncing off a surface

  1. Feb 1, 2012 #1
    -An Egg Drop began at rest and fell through approximately 5-m. Assume that its momentum was changed in a time of 0.25-s. If your apparatus bounced when hitting the ground, would this require a smaller force than in #4, a larger force than in #4, or the same force as in #4? Explain….

    -Note: My class is still on collisions: elastic, inelastic, and momentum/impulse therom

    -The force from number 4 is 3.09 Newtons.
    Mass of the apparatus is .078 kg.
    Velocity final is 9.89 m/s.

    What force is required for an object to bounce?

    Does the force have to be larger than its weight?
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    Hi !!
    Can you show us your attempt for the problem ?
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    Do you know what force is?
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