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Oh no, I need serious help!

  1. Jul 7, 2003 #1
    I have this problem due tomorrow, well technically today, and I'm having trouble with it. It askes...

    A rope of total mass m and length L is suspended vertically with mass M at the end. Show that the time for a transverse wave to travel the length of the rope is...

    t = 2[squ](L / mg)*[[squ](M+m) - [squ](M)]

    I start out with t = L/v
    where v = [squ](T/[mu]) T being tension and [mu] being mass per unit length

    So, t = L/[squ](TL/m)

    Thats as far as I got :(

    The book hints to find an expression for the wave speed at any point a distance x from the lower end by considering the tension in the rope as resulting from the weight of the segment below that point. But i dont know how to turn that into an equation :(
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    Find the tension in the rope.

    The rope has a mass M at the end of it, that should help you to find the tension.
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