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Homework Help: OK Help me out guyz i'm a gr 10 student in gr 11 pHysics yea i know nice move

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    Plz give me some help like i know like frequency = cycles/seconds and period=seconds/cycles but how do i answer a snwer like

    If 180 waves wash up on a shore in 1.00 h. what is the time between waves, in seconds? lol help me guys .. my dad always said i have to try hard to get the education i want and everything and that out in the world there are like a million ppl just like me but smarter .. so prove it ;)
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    Proof: puregoodboi hasn't tried the problem himself.
    QED! :-)
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    180/3600=.05 .05 waves a second. 1 wave is done in every 1/.05=20 seconds

    cheers mate. and love to see other enthusiast like meself. (unlike the people at my school.)
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