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Open loop dynamic process data

  1. Apr 4, 2003 #1
    This is from my sister:
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    Do you have any other information on what she's looking for?
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    Here is some more info she gave me, possibly the assignment

    Thanks all, this is urgent!
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    And this can be on any system at all? No other constraints?

    Tell her to contact a local wind tunnel.

    I'm pretty certain that velocity tests using pitot tubes are all done on feed forward observations. Velocity as a function of distance along the test airfoil.

    Is that sort of like what she's looking for?

    EDIT: I'm not sure... from the language, it sounds like she's looking for a control system type application, not a data aquisition type application. Am I wrong?
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    Right, I googled with +"open-loop" +"data set". Thousands of hits but no specific data sets yet

    A few more possibilities:
    Find a freshman physics. He must have done a few practical tests with open loop systems.
    Generate a test of an open loop system yourself perhaps by measuring system response on a jump input on a simple band filter or something like that.
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