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Periodic, continuous and piecewise smooth function

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    Dear friends,

    I am a new member of physics forums, so this is may new message.
    Already thanks to you for your helps to my question. I research some
    applied mathematician problem's numerical solutions. There are initial-boundary value problems. I need an initial condition function which must be a periodic, continuous and
    piecewise smooth type. Please vaiting for your suggestions.

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    sin(x) is a continuous smooth piecewise function.
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    thanks for your suggestion, but I apply sin(x) to my problem, I need any other one to compare my numerical matlab simulation results. ıf you give me any other function, I can use for comparison.
    thanks for your help.
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    Cos(x) works.

    You just want some continuous, periodic, piecewise function? Okay, what about f(x)= x if [itex]0\le x\le 1[/itex], 2- x if [itex]1\le x\le 2[/itex] and continued periodically with period 1?

    My question is, do you really understand what "continous, periodic, piecewise function" means? If you do, then it should be easy to make up hundreds of examples.
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