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Phase (hot) and ground

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    How exist voltage between hot and ground?
    How we are connected to ground through wood floor, building when we use tester screwdriver?
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    Hello Mark - I believe due to language issues, you question is not too clear.

    What do you mean by tester screwdriver - a voltage detector? There are different types, can you show a picture or link to the type you are thinking of?
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    I think he means...

    Using an old fashioned neon testing screwdriver the bulb lights up when it is applied to a voltage (e.g. 240V AC). My finger on the other end of the screwdriver is not (apparently) connected to ground when I am standing on a wooden floor. So how come the bulb lights up?

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    There is just enough current due to the capacitance of your body, or in the device, to light the neon lamp. Similarly the non-contact types use current into a capacitance to detect a time varying E field. These are so sensitive they can usually detect static generated by rubbing the device on your clothes.
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    Where is potential difference between hot and ground?
    How we close circuit when connect hot and ground wire (I do not know path of current)?

    Same question, how circuit is closed without ground?


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    because the neutral is, in MOST electrical systems, grounded at the switchboard

    same answer......

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    The earth and all grounded surfaces make one electrode of a capacitor - you and the instrument make up the other electrode, the air, shoes, (insulating things) make up the dielectric.

    When you open a capacitor - there is no conductor between the two terminals.
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    It means that all materials conduct small current on high voltage, even clothes, floor, wall...
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    "Conduct" is not the word to use here. It is how a capacitor works.
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