Physical Chemistry: Extracting information from spectroscopic data

  1. I need help with extracting information from spectroscopic data. Here is the type of question I am trying to understand:

    We have an energy level expression for the particle-in-a-box, which is

    En= n2*h2 n=1, 2, 3
    . 8mL2

    h = Planck’s constant, m = mass of the particle in kg, and L = the length of the
    box in m. If an electron is trapped in a one-dimensional space of length L, and shows an
    absorption at 523 nm due to the transition from ψ2 --> ψ3, what is the length of the space L in nanometers?

    Even if I just get a general idea of how to do this so I can compare my answer to it I will really appreciate it.

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