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Homework Help: Physics project

  1. Jul 4, 2005 #1
    Hi, i am from england and in college but this sites american so this work might be less advanced or more advanced for this area...I really dont know.

    Anyway in our 2nd year of A level physics we get to choose the physics on ANYTHING we like (that is reliable and gets the marks of course)

    Anyway i chose "finding extra terrestrial beings using physics"
    Now...whenever i google this subject in MANY wordings, all i get are fan sites with ludicrous "THE WORLD HAS BEEN TAKEN OVER BY ALIENS" and "GOVERNMENT SECRETS!" etc etc

    Does anyone know a good site or two that shows you the physics of finding aliens and what they use and how it works?

    all i need is the URL to the site-leave all the rest of the work to me

    I did change my project though (but might still do the ET one) to spectroscopic analysis.

    Now due to me doing chemistry i know this is where they use the different colours the elements give off due to electronic configuration to see what the element is, and thus you can see what planets far away are made of, but i cant exactly write this tiny paragraph into a project, and again am finding it hard to find a site with good relevant info.

    All i need are the URL's i can do the rest of the work

    thanks in advance for any help :biggrin:
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    For the whole ET thing I think googling "SETI" and "Radio Astronomy" would be more fruitful.
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