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Piezoelectric Crystal Shoes?

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    Since the article reports they've already done it with a few club floors, then, in principle, your shoe generators are perfectly possible. The one drawback might be expense. It might end up being much more expensive for shoe generators than conventional chargers. If they became popular, however, I'd expect the cost to come down over time. Seems to me it'd be a popular product with kids from 1st grade all through college. That age group usually does a lot of walking.
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    The total energy from a piezoelectric device is minuscule...though the voltage can be huge.
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    The article in the link claims: "One footstep can only provide enough electrical current to light two 60-watt bulbs for one second."
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    It takes 120 J of energy to light two 60-watt light bulbs for 1 second, right? And the average phone takes 18000 Joules of energy to completely charge so that's only 150 steps!

    ... I'm sure there is something wrong with that line of thought, haha
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    The article you linked to names an article in the Christian Science Monitor as a source. I checked that article out, and it makes the same claim.

    However, it goes on to makes more humble claims that sound a lot more realistic:

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