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Polymerization - Synthesis of Orlon

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    Im doing a project on organic Chemistry and I need to find the structure for the synthesis of Orlon. However, it seems very hard to find this info on the net. Ive googled everything but no info. Can somebody please help me find a website with this information? I think there may be a differennt, more popular name for this compound that I am not aware of.

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    Hello, it is very surprising how you couldn't find orlon synthesis, just googling with the word "orlon" will give lots of hits... You should re-search by using the keywords "orlon" and "structure". I found this link, and wonder if you can find it too.

    Well, I have also learned that orlon is plain polyacrylonitrile, with polymerization proceeds on ethylene side chain with radicalic nature. This may give you a cue.
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