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Position Time Graph Help

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    Can the position-time graph tell you the speed?
    I thought it was ONLY velocity.

    Can you please give me an example when IT DOESN'T allow you to find the speed?

    Thanks so much in advance!!
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    Speed is the magnitude of the velocity, if you can find the velocity you can always obtain the speed.
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    Presumably we are talking about motion in one dimension, otherwise it's not clear what the position axis represents.

    In which case a graph of position vs time gives you speed and velocity. The direction component of velocity comes from the slope of the line. +ve slope is away from the origin, -ve slope is towards the origin.
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    Just to piggyback for additional clarity: if you find the slope of the tangent line on a position vs. time graph you have found the velocity at that instant. The absolute value of the slope is the speed.
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