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For this quater's project we are suppose to reseach the physics involved in different real life applications. Some examples my teacher gave us was "the physics of Baseball/ Football", "The physics of music", and "Electronic Display History".

I was hoping you guys/gals could help me think of some innovative ideas for the porject

You should pick something that interests you first. You can turn almost anything into an interesting project.

Do you like sports? Music? Computers? Space? Aliens?

That last one just popped into my head, but as an example, you could discuss what methods they use to try to find messages from intelligent life forms...or you could talk about how physical laws determine what life-forms are possible (e.g our bodies are adapted to the atmospheric and gravitational conditions for the earth).....

The possibilities are really endless, so pick something that interests you.


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Quite an opportunity for us!

I would be interested in some measurements and calculations regarding cars and driving. For instance, how much money do you save if you slow down in advance for a red light so that you don't have to come to a complete stop, retaining say 25 km/h of your speed? When going over a hill, what is the saving for letting your speed go down from 100 to 80 at the crest? Where should the "slow to 60" sign be placed so the average car driver can achieve it without braking? Physics says that large trucks and small cars having the same coefficient of friction for their rubber on pavement will have the same traction, stopping distance, ability to climb icy hills - yet this is very clearly false - so what is the full explanation? What exactly are the coefficients of friction for all-season tires and the new winter tires? Hybrid cars carry a large weight penalty with their batteries so what driving situations result in greater or lesser efficiency for them?

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