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Possible to make smoke without the heat?

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    I'm new here at Physics Forums and have been struggling with understanding how a simple
    pyrotechnics works, and thought I'd try you guys.

    As i understand pyrotechnics heat up, making them very hard to control and dangerous to people around them but is the extreme heat really necessary?

    Is it possible to create something that looks like pyrotechnics but does not last as long and does not come near the heat?

    Thank you and please excuse my ignorance
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    You mean flame without heat?
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    I guess you could call it flame, i mean a "firework" like the one in this video;
    And then the smoke like the one in this video;
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    Flame and smoke are completely different things. I would think you'd be familiar with something like a fog machine or smoke grenades(though they probably heat up, I just don't know how much), so I assumed you meant something else.

    And then you mentioned pyrotechnics.
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