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Power per year

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    If the utility company sold 2.12x10^9 W of energy that they produced every second at an industrial rate of 1.8 cents per kW-hr, what would be their yearly income from this source? Give your answer in dollars.

    so what i was doing is this...i was converting from W-s to kW-hr

    2.12E9 W-s x kW/1000w x 1hr/3600s=588.89 kW-s

    then i found how many hrs in a year 1 yer x 365days/1yer x 24hr/1day=8760

    then i took the product of the two to find the amout of energy produced hourly per year which i got 5158676.4

    then i multipied that by $.018 (1.8 cents)

    but my answer was wrong

    please tell me what is not right
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    Was your answer like $92856. I think the units are tricky here. The energy production is 2.12x10^9 per second. Notice "per" . Which means every hr it produces 2.12x10^6 kw-hr.
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    yes that is what i got
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    so try omitting the division by 3600, and see if it is correct per the logic in my first post.
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