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Predict whether the following reactions occur

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    Hi there! i feel confused at a question in my homework:

    Predict whether the following reactions can occur at low temperature
    a) CH2CH2 + (H+)
    b) CH3Br + RNH2
    c) CH4 + HCl
    d) CH£Br + (CN-)

    I don't know what should be concerned, please help me. :uhh:
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    free energy, whether each of the reactions will occur spontaneously at room temperature (that is the product will be major), you'll need to consider some thermodynamic data such as enthalpy. a) is a hydrogenation, commonly catalysis reaction, b) is a nucleophilic substitution along with d), and the reaction c) probably won't occur, unless via radical reaction.
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    i see...Thanks GCT, your help is appreciated. ^-^
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