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Homework Help: Pressure Difference Across Airplane Wings

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    I've been at this one for hours and can't get a handle on it... Can anyone give me a little help here?

    An airplane flies on a level flight path. There is a pressure difference of 545 Pa between the lower and upper surfaces of the wings. The area of each wing surface is about 138 m^2. The air moves below the wings at a speed of 81.3 m/s. Estimate (a) the weight of the plane and (b) the airspeed above the wings.

    The answer to (a) can be found by the quantity: F = P A. (Force = Pressure times Area) The sum of forces can be found to be:

    (Weight of Plane) - (P + 545 Pa)(276 m^2) - (P)(276 m^2) = 0

    (Weight of Plane) = (545 Pa)(276 m^2) = 150420 N​

    I've gotten this far... now how do I do part (b)?
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    I imagine you would use Bernoulli's equation.
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