What is Wings: Definition and 62 Discussions

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  1. B

    Boeing For the "757"/"767" type aircraft is there a way to calculate the vector forces caused by tilting the wings?

    For any given angle, say if the wings were tilted 28 deg, how can I calculate the vectors acting upon the plane?
  2. pinball1970

    R.I.P. Denny Lane 29.10.44 – 5.12.23

    Denny Lane of the Moody Blues and later on with Wings. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-67630264
  3. K

    Why haven’t we made blow up wings to fly with them

    Just wondering because if wings are too heavy for humans to fly couldn’t we just use rip stop nylon (the material we use for hang gliders, paragliders etc) and inflate them and then we would have wings light enough for humans to flap and fly with I don’t know why humans haven’t done this?
  4. K

    So who here has tried to make a homemade wind tunnel? My first attempt

    Hello all, i posted this on another forum but didn't get much response, I had an 18” centrifugal fan around around and wanted to see if I can push some real air to make a wind tunnel. I'm just a hobbyist, and like to build and modify cars, figured this would be something to look into. Looks...
  5. dedocta

    I Would Icarus' wings fly in Earth's atmosphere and moon gravity?

    Could they generate enough lift for 1/11th the weight of a human? Was picturing a giant warehouse and curious if it would work!
  6. L

    MHB Asian Zing Wings: Calculate Expected Value

    Calculate the expected value for the number of Asian Zing wings sold
  7. iVenky

    When a bird flaps it's wings up, doesn't the pressure drop below?

    I am trying to understand how birds fly. If you consider a plane, using it's engine & streamline shape of the wings, it can create a low pressure region above the wings and high pressure region below and this makes it fly and the upward force is proportional to the speed. Birds seem to flap its...
  8. A

    Do Overlapping Feathers on Swifts Offer Insights for Aircraft Design?

    Do you thing swift birds(most aerodynamics birds; 10months in the air without landing,fastest birds in horizontal flapping flight -169km/h) have some benefits of overlaping feathers which gives rough surface? Can planes benefits from...
  9. Dishsoap

    I Can a microscopic insect fly by flapping rigid wings?

    While in quarantine, I've been reading a lot about some millimeter-scale flying robots, like DARPA's Nano Hummingbird and others. I'm noticing that a lot of millimeter-scale flying robots flap their wings like a fly, and I'm wondering if it's even possible to use this motion to move if the fly...
  10. Z

    Aerodynamics - why wings create lift - current vs historical discussions

    My son and i were discussing aerodynamics and he brought up a paper from https://phys.org/news/2012-01-wings.html It seems that the latest discussions seem to completely discount the differential velocity of air flow as a cause of differential pressure, but point to a differential pressure...
  11. DavidOB18

    Flight of a plane without lift on its wings

    I don't know where to start with this as I can't visualise a diagram for it. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. doglover9754

    Airplane wings -- How do they work and why do they change shape?

    I just went on a Japan trip. In the airplane, besides throwing up my ball and phone, I was doing a little bit of studying. While the plane was in takeoff, in the middle of flying, and landing, I noticed how the wing positions changed. I already know how takeoff works. It works when the plane...
  13. F

    Bernoulli's equation, different streamlines, and wings

    Hello Everyone, Bernoulli's equations expresses the conservation of mechanical energy for a particular fluid parcel moving inside a time-independent flow. The parcel is restricted to move and remain along a particular streamlines. The sum of the trinomial is equal to a constant on every...
  14. M

    Can surface roughness on wings improve performance

    Homework Statement I have a project to research the effect of surface roughness on wing performance. I found mostly that roughness leads to increased drag on a wing, however came across a website that briefly spoke about how recently researchers have observed how carefully selected roughness...
  15. T

    How does AAW work? (Active Aeroelastic Wings)

    For a conventional wings, at high speed or fast roll, the leading edge of the wings will bend downwards. This will decrease angle of attack and subsequently lift. How does AAW make the wings bend the other way round? Is it due to the materials or the shape of the wings that is designed? If such...
  16. P

    Need help creating articulated costume wings?

    Hello all! I'm dead-set on building a pair of articulated costume wings that open and retract on their own, preferably controlled by a remote. The actual wing design and everything else seem to be pretty simple (building the first prototype tomorrow), but I have no idea where to begin with...
  17. kyphysics

    How Safe is Free WiFi at Starbucks and Buffalo Wild Wings?

    Would you ever use their free WiFi on your cell phone? Wondering how safe it is and whether any precautions should be taken if I were to use it. Anyone ever been hacked/compromised in some way using free WiFi at a place like that?
  18. kyphysics

    I don't understand all the craze with Buffalo Wild Wings

    I've been there four times the past two months after never having been before. My friends and family enjoy it. I think it's massively overpriced for "okay" standard sports bar food and the wings aren't even that great, imo. The number of TV screens is impressive, but most sports bars will...
  19. F

    Automotive Spoilers vs Wings: A Car-Lover's Debate

    What is the difference between an automotive spoiler and an automotive wing? Is there a difference? My understanding has always been that a wing is an airfoil, and is used to produce downforce, while a spoiler is is just a lip that is used to reduce drag by creating a pocket of stagnant air...
  20. David Lewis

    Can an airplane fly without wings?

    Yes it can, and surprisingly well. Conventional wings tend to be typically: 1. Large (lots of area) 2. Thin (thickness/chord < 15%) 3. High aspect ratio (span/chord > 6) A common example of a wingless airplane would be a lifting body. Benefits of wingless airplanes: 1. Compact (encloses...
  21. Neon

    Is there just one correct way to calculate wing lift?

    Wings generate lift because of the curved shape of the top wing air flow faster over the top and sucked up the plane. This would be bad for a fighter jet flying upside down. Wright brothers plane wings are flat so the wing must be deflected down. So curved wings are just aerodynamic. Soo which...
  22. personage

    Car Wing Design for Downforce: Efficiency Explored

    Hi everyone, Just out of curiosity, Will this car wing design be effective in generating downforce? I've done some research and read that downforce is essentially the opposite of lift, so a design of an upside down airplane wing would be effective in producing a downforce - yet this car wing...
  23. D

    Understanding Lift & Wings: Upscaling Data for Real Planes

    Hi guys, I'm working on a project for school and I have measured the influence of the angle of attack, the wingspan and the speed of the air on the lift force the wing is producing. Now I have the question what these data say about real wings from planes. I've already red it has something to do...
  24. W

    How do folding wings maintain structural integrity? Removable wings?

    Without a single full lengthed spar going through the whole length, how do folding wings and removable wings be designed such that they maintain structural integrity in flight and other motions involving declarations and accelerations? For example, this is the folding wing of a Sonex Onex...
  25. ajayguhan

    Why most of the fans have three wings

    Why most of the fans have three wings, why not two, four, five and so on.
  26. S

    Can a plane without wings fly?

    In a large passenger plane wings used to create lifting force. But in order to create lifting force, body of a plane could be used as well. In order to create as much as possible lifting force you need to have as much as possible difference between upper and down streams of air. In order to slow...
  27. A

    Effects of Wings in a closed environment

    I was wondering if somebody could let me know if wings inside of a closed environment (tube of sorts) with air flowing over them would generate lift, or if the air flowing over them would be directed downwards onto the bottom of the tube, canceling any lift generated by the wings? The first...
  28. S

    Human powered wings with jet pack

    Hi guys, i was thinking recently people are trying to fly flapping huge great wings with no success, whilst others are flying with jet packs, so what i was thinking was adding them together. flapping smaller sets of wing assisted by a small jet pack say 2 RC jet engines producing 80-100lbs of...
  29. B

    Horizontal flight without wings

    Just curious as I saw a movie of one on TV I'm trying to understand how a cruise missile can fly? I can understand action v reaction in a rocket pushing against the mass of the earth I can understand winged flight and air pressure holding the craft up I can inderstand a hovercraft using...
  30. M

    Plane's wings and Bernoulli's equation

    It's just a simple question about the pressure under and over the plane's wing problem that I'm trying to answer. Well, actually I've already answered it, but one just keeps bugging me. Why don't we consider the difference in altitude of the lower and upper points of the fluid (air) when we use...
  31. slider142

    Human Bird Wings: Is It Real or Fake?

    This video is very popular at the moment: http://m.wired.com/wiredscience/2012/03/human-bird-wings/ . While there are arguments stating that it is possible: http://gizmodo.com/5894904/man-flies-like-a-bird-flapping-his-own-wings , there are also some strange visual problems with the videos...
  32. P

    Swept wings, Mcr and Span-wise flow

    I've been reading a bit about transonic flow and wondering if I could get a bit more info here. Exactly how do swept wings delay the on-set of Critical Mach? Is "span-wise" flow "bad", and if so, why, and how are the bad effects mitigated on current generation jet aircraft? Thanks!
  33. Ivan Seeking

    FAA Certifies Boeing 787: Get Ready for Takeoff!

    http://www.flightglobal.com/blogs/the-networker/2011/08/787-is-certified-where-will-it-fly.html The 787 incorporates some of the biggest changes in commercial aircraft construction to come along in 50 years. It is considered to be revolutionary. Most notably, it doesn't have a classic air...
  34. I

    Forces and torques on aeroplane wings

    Hello, I have been watching a lot of Aircrash Investigations (also called Mayday) and it has gotten me interested in aerodynamics. I'm curious about what force would be needed to tip a plane over? Say that there was a sudden upwards gush of wind on the end of one wing (I am familiar with...
  35. L

    Airplane Wings & Atmospheric Pressure

    1. I got the correct answer but I am confused about the reasoning and want to understand the concept.. "Rank from most to least, the amount of lift on the following airplane wings: a. Area 1000 m^2 with atmospheric pressure difference of 2.0 N/m^2, b. Area 800 m^2 with atmospheric pressure...
  36. P

    Aerodynamics of Diamond planform wings

    Heya Everybody! I was searching for papers on the Aerodynamic characteristics of diamond wings, I mean detailed research papers/ literatures/ E-books...as a part of my assignment cum Thesis. Unfortunately, I could'nt find many. If anyone of you could please guide me as to where I will be able to...
  37. S

    Exploring Air-Flow Characteristics on Swept Wings

    YouTube - Air-Flow Characteristics on a 40 Degree Swept Back Wing the above video indicates that as the angle of attack rises the span-wise airflow rises & more probably the leading wing edges will stall first. Also notice that no appreciable change in airflow occurs at the root(attachment...
  38. J

    Simple explanation - wings in an aeroplane

    on an aeroplane, why does air fly FASTER over the top than the bottom. I get everything else; i.e: higher pressure moves to lover pressure. What I don't get is how the air flies faster over the curved part of the wing. Please explain simply thanks
  39. D

    Why Jet Engines are Attached to Airplane Wings

    why jet engines are attached to the wings of the airplane ,not other part?:confused:
  40. R

    What are dark streaks on the wings of the aircraft near the engine?

    My question is referring to the first picture of the SR-71 on wikipedia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sr-71 What are those dark streaks on the wings of the aircraft near the engine?
  41. WCOLtd

    Back-spinning conveyors instead of wings?

    I had an idea I thought I would try out - the idea is based on the concept of backspin like on a tennis ball applied to create lift on an aircraft. Instead of having wings, have a pair of back-spinning high-speed conveyor belts (the bottom of the conveyor belt goes in the direction the plane is...
  42. E

    Contrails/Vapor on plane wings? confused

    In the case of a could of vapor forming on the top of a planes wing, I understand that this depends on the relative humidity, and that due to the drop in pressure above the wing (bernoulli..lift..etc), there is a drop in temperature. It is said that the drop in temperature brings the water in...
  43. P

    Failure of Sparcraft Wings on my Aerobatic Aircraft

    Well Last week I was on a website called the biplane forum. I posted a topic about a very serious real world problem. I own a pitts S1S aircraft. This aircraft is an experimental aircraft. Not certified. Pitts are very popular airplanes in the aerobatic world. There are many different models...
  44. M

    Boomerang , its wings and many engineering graphics

    I found a sport boomerang design software from denmark and it fired my passion to learn the background and making the same of its simulations about its wings. If you are interested search for ulf valentin and his software. I want to know to see pressure map on a wing. And air movement and...
  45. F

    If you put a fan in front of airplane wings, how powerful would it need to be?

    I was just wondering, that if you attached a fan in the front of an airplane wing, would it fly? If so, then how powerful would the fan need to be for a small model airplane, say 0.4m and 1kg, to fly/hover? Or if i made wearable wings, and i put them on, how powerful then would the fan have to...
  46. F

    Airplane Wings: Questions and Resources

    I don't know if this the right spot to post this; I hope someone will help me with airplane wings. I have no idea how they work, how big they should be, or anything. Also if there is a formula to find how much thrust you need for something with wings on it to take off, or to find how big the...
  47. M

    Insect Wings: Modeling the Complexity of Flight

    Hi everyone! I have a question for you :) I am wondering, if there already is a developed model, imitating insect wings, e.g. bee wings. If you happen to observe them, they seem to be much more complex, but also much more useful and allow a more flexible movement. Insects fly with them not...
  48. A

    How do aeroplane wings support the forces and engines?

    I was just wondering how these amazing engineering feats support the loads on their wings? Specifically the larger passenger aeroplanes.. such as the 737 and 747. The wings must undergo an extreme number of forces of great magnitude.. how do they not snap off? How the they support their own...
  49. V

    Aircraft wings - Kelvins Circulation Theorem and the conservation of vorticity

    This is what I understand about Kelvin's Circulation Theorem 1)for inviscid (where the viscous forces are much LESS than inertial forces) AND uniform density flow, the circulation is conserved. 2)This implies (by some arduos vector calculus manipulations) that the vorticity of each fluid...
  50. wolram

    Wing Drilling: Experiments & Results Explained

    I am sure i read about experiments with wings drilled with many tiny holes, the idea i think was to break up the boundary layer, did any thing come of out of these experiments?