Pressure loss in a water pipe

I know that water losses pressure as it move throw a pipe due to friction but what is the effect in the following situation
I know that water losses pressure as it move throw a pipe due to friction.

Does that mean that if we have two elevated tanks separated by a great distance but connected throw a perfectly horizontal pipe ,and then we fill the first tank with water till it reaches a certain hight, then the hight of water in the 2nd tank will not reach the same hight in the 1st tank because of pressure lose due to friction in the pipes ?

I am feeling that i am wrong , but i need an explanation


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No, but with friction it will take longer than without.
The driving force for the flow is the pressure difference and the opposing force is the friction, which is approximately proportional to the flow squared. So as long as there is a level difference there will be flow to equalize it.
The friction in the horizontal pipe is a function of flow. At first, the flow in the pipe is high as the second tank tries to keep up with the filling of the first tank; friction will be high. The flow is a function of the differential pressure at each of the pipe ends caused by the difference in liquid height. As the levels start to reach equilibrium the flow rate in the pipe reduces...until it finally becomes only a small trickle. At this point, the friction in the pipe (resisting the flow), is approaching zero due to the reduced flow.
The two tanks will reach the same level when the pressure (caused by the height of the liquid) in the two tanks becomes equal.

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