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Problem 9.17 aircraft structure, Megson

  1. Jun 6, 2007 #1
    does anyone know the solution of problem 9.17 of the book Aircraft structures for engineering students or

    help me with how to approach to solve the problem.
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    You're going to have to type out the problem if you expect any answers.
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    Problem Aircraft Structure 9.17

    Figure shows the cross section of a single cell, thin walled
    beam with the horizontal axis of symmetry. The direct stresses are carried
    by the booms B1 to B4, while the walls are effective only in carrying shear
    stresses. Assuming that the basic theory of bending is applicable, calculate
    the position of the shear center S. The shear modulus G is the same for all walls.

    Cell Area = 135000 mm^2
    Boom Areas B1 = B4 = 450 mm^2, B2 = B3 = 550 mm^2

    Wall Length(mm) Thickness(mm)
    12,34 500 0.8
    23 580 1.0
    41 200 1.2

    Ans: 197.2 mm from vertical through booms 2 and 3.

    please if anyone can help me it would be most appreciated.

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