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Homework Help: Procedure Based Question

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    A large tank of water has a hose connected to it. The tank is sealed at the top and has compressed air between the water surface and the top. When the water height h has the value 3.5 m , the absolute pressure p of the compressed air is 4.20 * 10^5 Pa. Assume that the air above the water expands at cosntant temperature, and take the atmospheric pressure to be 1.0 * 10^5 Pa. a) What is the speed with which water flows out of the hose when h = 3.50 m? b) and c) just give other values to plugs in for the height. Now the question I have is: Can't i just use Bernouilli's equation? On the first one i did and got the right answer, but on part b and c i didn't, so what is the problem?
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    Perhaps if you gave more details of what you did for parts b and c we could help you. Your troubles could simply be unit conversion how could we know when we do not have enough information.
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    Basically all i did was to plug the different heights in, the exact same place i did in part a), but i still got the wrong answer. Am i using the wrong procedure?
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    Any ideas fellas?
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    I could really use some help guys. If you have any ideas, they would be helpful.
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    Oh duh, I figured it out. Just had to reorganize the Bernouiili Equation.
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