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PROJECT: Determining weight with load cells.

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    First, I am not an electrical engineer and am not to familiar with circuit boards.

    PROJECT: I have a static load, represented by a block. The block has three very short legs (or feet 3/8" diameter each). The feet are located concentricly under the block. Under the feet I place three thin-film force sensors that will be in compression when loaded. The sensors need to be wired in (series? or Parellel?) to a digital read out screen.

    GOAL: I would like to read on the digital screen the TOTAL weight of the block when it is set on a smooth, solid substrate and powered on.

    1) Is a microprocessor needed?
    2) If so, for what?
    3) Can all the needed circuitry (for the sensors and the digital screen info.) be put on a circuit board?
    4) Can the digital read out device have a button to push that will re-set, or re-calibrate the device back to zero reading and then read the weight of a new load that has been added on top of the original block (without including the weight value of the original block)?
    5) Can you explain what circuitry is needed?

    I probably have missed a few things, so please fill in the blanks.

    Thank you so much for your help..........
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    Aside from the electronics, here what the "big boys & girls" (METTLER TOLEDO) consider when designing a "www.toltec.co.nz/pdf/Weighmodule%20Hand%20book.pdf" [Broken]. See if you can refine your questions after taking a peek. :smile:
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    Google has some good information.
    Google "measure weight force sensor" or "measure weight strain gauge"
    http://www.nerdkits.com/videos/weighscale/ has some good information.
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