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Homework Help: Projectile Motion Lab

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    Projectile Motion Lab!! PLEASE HELP THIS IS FOR TOMORROW.

    I am a high school student in Grade 12.

    We are currently doing projectile motion. We are using a marble. The teacher said that we should neglect air resistance because it is a very heavy marble. The marble, in the projector, is sitting at 36.5 cm. There is no given angle because we will get one tomorrow. We need to launch the marble into a Styrofoam cup. We do not know what height the Styrofoam cup will be.

    If you could help me out with a formula, that would be great.

    Thank you.
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    Re: Projectile Motion Lab!!

    Have you learn calculus?
    a(t)=g where g is constant.
    Intergate twice with respect of time you get displacement equation.

    For horizontal motion, g=0.

    Have you learn about vectors?
    In physics, all calculations normally involve vectors.
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    Re: Projectile Motion Lab!!

    I will not provide you with a formula but I'll help you derive one. For starters, you can assume the horizontal velocity of the marble is constant. Therefore, if you know how long it is in the air, you can determine its range.

    Your first step is to determine the time of flight. It's a function of initial velocity, the height at which the projectile was released, and the angle of release.

    If you are not given the initial velocity, you will have to determine that as well. Calculus, per se, is not needed to solve this problem.
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