Projectile Motion (Vector Quantities)

1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
A golfer rips a tee shot from an elevated driving range tee-off such that the ball leaves horizontally. The ball lands exactly at the 66.8 meter marker, and was shot from the upper level (6.5 meters above the ground).

How long was the ball in the air?

And how fast did the ball leave the tee?

2. Relevant equations
X = VoxT

3. The attempt at a solution
My teacher did a terrible job touching base on projectile motion
you know that x component and y component are independent of each other. Given that initial velocity in y is 0 and the acceleration is g, use the equation's of motion to find answer to first part of the question.

First solve this and then try the next part.
First start by breaking this down into components, you have x and y and use your knowlege of the x and y velocities and then first plug it into the y=yo+x+1/2at^2 and with t hat answer plug it into the equation that you provided in the post and see whta you get

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