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Pure scientist

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    HI THERE..................



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    have you tried a university or college near you yet?
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    WHY ARE YOU YELLING?:biggrin:

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    I meant that i would like to discussion with him, about pure mathematics .
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    Not that far , but the thing is , i had talked to my professor and my college friends , nobody is that much purely interested in pure mathematics.
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    You are in college, please write in sentences that reflect that fact. :uhh:
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    what do you mean ?
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    Use 'who', not 'how', and 'meet', not 'meat', as in

    'is there anybody who is purely dedicated' and

    who loves science or/and mathematics like crazy?

    I would love to meet him/her.

    I suspect English is not the primary language.
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    This forum would be a good place for it. Just start asking questions.
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    give an example of what you want to discuss, a specific point would be best (not something general, such as 'who want to talk about set theory?)
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    sorry for the above mistakes.
    I am quit new at this and I tend to such mistakes , But I make sure that I will reduce those mistakes .
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    Don't worry about it, I'm sure Cyrus can't speak your language.
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    IT is just that I want to study pure mathematics and science............ butttttt .............not by the society rules ,that is by obtaining degree .

    What I mean is , I need to know is there any university or college where they will allow me to study independently ( that includes , when I will have problem , I need professor around , who are equally devoted to mathematics and science ) .

    I am ready to pay there fee . I don't want to bound my self to society rules.

    I ensure that I will study all that from the basics, because my motive is to understand it and not just to know it.
    one more thing I don't care about job or money because I need to gain all knowledge (I know that ,that it is impossible in your frame of reference , but it is possible is other frame ).
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    My daughter's mother wanted to get her degree in the Philosophies of Math and Science, but she ran out of money for it and instead took some government grants and studied Biostatistics at the University of Michigan. I recall her telling me that she was originally hoping to pursue a mostly independent course of study.
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    Can you provide me with more details , plz
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    Sure, but please bear in mind that I'm just trying to repeat what she told me more than eight years ago.

    As I recall, she was on track to graduate with a dual degree BS in Mathematics and Natural Science with a minor in Philosophy (not sure if I said that right), and was considering her options for graduate studies.

    She said that she had spoken with various Professors (at University of Michigan in Ann Arbor), and came to me (we were together at the time, and she was expecting) and told me of her desire to pursue an independent study for her Masters degree, and that she wanted to study the Philosophies of Math and Science. I didn't really see a problem with it, other than to tell her I thought that it would basically leave her with only job prospects in academia, but she thought the same as well and accepted it. I think she actually had to write some proposal to be accepted at U of M with this course of study—but we eventually realized it was completely infeasible financially for us to pay for her Graduate Studies, so she found some government program that was giving a very substantial stipend to students studying Biostatistics and studied that instead.

    Anyway, I know it's not much info, but I hope that helped.
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    It normal policy for one to take courses from a proscribed curriculum, which essentially covers what the faculty deem the basic necessity for a given discipline. Usually there is room for electives, and one could conceivably chart an independent course, with the concurrence of the faculty.
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    You are willing to pay to go to university or college, and you want the help from the professors, how is that independent?

    It is not essential that you earn degree, you could just not show up for the grad ceremony. So, what "rules of society" would you be forced to follow?
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    There's a school here in Washington State,http://www.evergreen.edu/" [Broken], which allows students to tailor their curriculum. They allow self-study. It's a liberal arts school with a very unusual approach to education. They don't "spoon feed" their students; you have to be very self-motivated to be successful there.

    However, I don't know if they have a large math department. That doesn't mean you can't get a great education there, though. If the school and/or the profs click with you, it may be a good fit.
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    maybe it would be best if you would tell us where you're from and age
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