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Quantum dot

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    can someone tell me that is there other method to fabricate the GaN quantum dot without using MBE,MOCVD?
    is there a simple way to make a quantum dot?
    please reply me as soon as possible...thanks
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    See this site:
    http://www.tyndall.ie/research/photonics-theory-group/Research/David_Williams/Piezoelectric%20Field%20and%20Coulomb%20Interactions%20in%20Nitride.htm [Broken]
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    As far as I'm aware, most GaN QDs are grown by MBE, and very rarely by MOCVD - though, in some cases arrays of nanostructures are grown by CVD. The only other technique I've come across for growing GaN is HVPE, and that's only (or usually) used for grwing substrates and other relatively large structures.
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