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Question about elastic deformation.

  1. Apr 4, 2010 #1
    Hi.. I need a good explanation for the following question. an explanation with a small mathematical calculation to prove the answer would be highly helpful.

    A copper rod of cross-section 10 mm  10 mm is stretched along its axis, changing length from 1.000 m to 1.001 m. The deformation is elastic, or fully recoverable. Given that the modulus of copper is 110 GPa, the stress on the rod is approximately (choose the closest answer):

    A 110 kPa
    B 110 MPa
    C 110 GPa
    D 1/110 MPa
    E 1/110 GPa

    thanks in advance!
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    What is the relationship between stress and strain for elastic deformation?

    What is the strain for a bar stretched 1.000 m to 1.001 m?
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    young's modulus

    thanks, now i got an idea about how to do the calculation. to which units i should convert these into when calculating?
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    Strain is a ratio, and is dimensionless, or written as m/m or cm/cm or in/in.
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