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Question about passive filter

  1. Sep 7, 2007 #1
    I dont know how to solve this question. Anyone can help me?

    Determine the type of the filter shown as well as the cutoff frequency. Thanks!

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    Your attachment is still being approved, but I can tell already that you won't get much help. Work must be shown for anyone to start to help you. What have you done already, laplace transforms, impedences?
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    the answer given is [R2/(R1+R2)][jw/(jw+wc)] but my answer is R2jwL/(R1R2 + R1jwL + R2jwL)
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    Neither of those makes any sense, the first one less than the second. That looks more like a transfer function than a cutoff frequency.
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    Well say what kind of passive filter is this before you move on.
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