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Question involving load on beams

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    Hey, so there are three loads on a beam the units they are is in pounds (i.e. 7200pounds is one of the loads). There are two cases each for which I need to calculate reactions and draw bending moments and a sheer force diagram.

    The PDF attachment contains the information in more detail help would be greatly appreciated.

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    luysion: Is this a school assignment? If so, you must list relevant equations, and show your work.
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    sum forces and moments in y and at a pivot point. draw shear diag from that info.

    integral of shear is moment. just make sure you got equil. on your beam.
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    hey nick and nvn thanks alot, this isnt my homework nvn heh im trying to learn this concept.
    ive done some working out if any1 could check it out much appreciated

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    In case 1, there is no applied moment at the point in which the first load is applied, therefore the moment would start at zero. Untill the upward force of 7200, all areas on the shear diagram are negative, which means all lines on the moment diagram until that point have a negative slope. I did not check your numbers, but that appears to be the only mistake.

    Your case 2 appears right, but I did not run the numbers.
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    I have worked out Case #1... Please see the attached jpegs.

    You can solve for Case #2 using the same methods described in the scaned images.

    Let me know if you have a problem with it.


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    Nick bruno + Tony71502
    thanks alot guys really appreciate it
    nick your working helped me out a heap thanks man :)

    ive almost completed the work myself thanks to the help recieved
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