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Homework Help: Question on Maglev Train.

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    Hello, I have a problem connecting an answer to the question Describe how superconductors and the effects of magnetic fields have been applied to develop a maglev train.

    I have the information on the superconductors, but i dont have the information of the maginetic field how it is applied.

    I tried to connect how it does but i never get the right information.

    and its great to be here on PF

    and a new person at physic's
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    it sounds like an essay ... start by what the "mag" and "lev" mean.

    can regular (copper) conductors make a big thing lev?

    can a permanent magnet levitate another one?
    (that should clue you about the mag.field and pole arrangement)
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    Thank you lightgrav for the help i answered it great
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