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Question on Phenomena beyond General Relativity

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    Hello, I'm Harry.
    I'm new here, hope not breaking any posting rules in any ways :)

    I have a question and would like to ask for some suggestions and information.
    The question is about general relativity or gravity and structure of the Universe in general; I know there are definitely quite a few phenomenons that is beyond GR's explanation, however I'm specially curious about singularities in spacetime from the research projects I'm currently under.

    Due to GR's dependence on manifold, there's seems to be not much freedom to talk about singularities. Yet there probably are phenomenons beyond black holes that are also singularities, however I don't know their names and corresponding theories due to lack of background knowledge, leading me asking for a favor, if there is such phenomenon could you name it for me? And if you know the corresponding theory, would you also name it for me?

    I would make further research on my own because I don't want to sound like a lazy douche :P
    However I need some help on the keywords and direction which I should look for, so it would be wonderful if someone would give me some hints on these. Thanks a lot!

    Your, truly
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    Singularities are not phenomena "beyond general relativity." They are a standard prediction of GR. The fact that GR doesn't describe a singularity as a point-set doesn't mean that GR can't talk about them. It can.

    Black hole singularities are not the only type of singularity in GR, or even the only type we observe in our universe. The big bang was a singularity. Naked singularities (cf. timelike singularities) are the subject of the cosmic censorship hypothesis. GR also allows non-curvature singularities, such as the ones that occur in some Taub-NUT spacetimes.
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    Thank you sir bcrowell ! And thanks for putting up my naive words due to lacking of GR knowledge:P
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