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Questions regarding Basics of EBPVD

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    Hi All,

    I am new to a laboratory and they have this EB-PVD machine. I would like to know how several parameters affect the coating as well as the target.

    The basic concept that I know about EB-PVD is that electrons are accelerated so that it can heat the target and eventually reach a point wherein the target vaporizes and somehow sticks to a substrate. The target gets "eaten up" in the process. I would like to find a rough calculation or estimate to how much power I can give to a certain target so that I would eat up the target holder.

    But with all the papers that I read, authors specify the target and the power of the Electron Gun. Every element has its own heat of vaporization and I would like to understand the relation of the Gun Power and the target.

    Any reference, links and inputs are welcome. Your help is very much appreciated.
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    AndrewB, Welcome to Physics Forums!

    Here is a PhD thesis that describes these devices. I think you will find specific answers here. See especially the “Machine Dynamics Model” which combines models of various component dynamics in the EB-PVD machine such as cathode heating, ingot melting, and evaporation.

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