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Homework Help: Relativity events

  1. Sep 17, 2010 #1
    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    2. Relevant equations
    no equations needed b/c its a conceptual question.

    3. The attempt at a solution
    my attempts..

    A) the earliest it can occur and can only be connected by speed of light there t2= 1200/3*108=4*10-6..

    B) yes it can because event(E0) occurred 1micro sec before event E1, there E0 could trigger event E1

    I'm partly sure I'm correct but i need someone to verify..

    thanks in advance!
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    Your reasoning and answer to part A is correct, but it's not consistent with your answer to B. Can you see why? It's not enough that one event occur before another for them to be causally related.
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    what you say is true, but im not sure how to explain if it is or not.. any other hits you can throw at me?
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    Think "light cone."
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    light cone ummm.... heard of it but not sure could you expand on it.. is it like with out the past there is no present ...something like that?
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    really having a hard time with this :/
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    if event 0 happened (-4000m, -1μs) away from event 1, how fast must information between these events have traveled for event 0 to cause event 1? Is this possible?
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    well if its -4000m away and the fastest it can get to event 1 is like....-4000m/3*108 m/s=-1.33...*10-5= so... event 0 occurred at t=-1μs and the information would take -1.33...*10-5 sec to get to event 1.. so event one would see as if it occurred at -1μs + -1.33...*10-5=-12.3μs..

    edit: not getting the concept somewhere....
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    A) if we do -4000/-1μs= 4*10^9 m/s.. which does not make any sence....

    B) im confused on the part now....(-4000m,-1μs).... they refer to the part at the instance explosion took place.so.. doing part A would not make any sence ..
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    Your calculation in part A) is correct.

    For A to cause B some kind of information must be send from A to B.


    Like you calculated, if the information has 1μs to traverse 4000m, it has to move at 4*10^9 m/s.
    Which is faster then light. Is it possible for information to move this quickly? If not, what does that mean for the causal relation between A and B?
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