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Relativity software package

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    Does anyone know of a good, free special and general relativity software package that would allow me to do things like visualize spacetime warping or length contractions or lightcones?
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    Could you give some more detailed examples of the typical types of thing you would like to do with the software, please?
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    Are you trying to visualize spacetime diagrams?
    or visualize graphical plots of relevant subspaces?
    or visualize optical effects?
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    I don't really know what the software is capable of. But for a start, it would be nice to visualize spacetime diagrams.
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    I'd like that too. :)
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    One package that might be worth looking at is
    which is Java based... and can probably be customized.
    However, there might be some setup required.

    For simple viewing and interaction:
    physics.syr.edu/courses/modules/LIGHTCONE/java/TwinParadox.html (my ancient applet)

    There are some other relativity applets around... but they don't draw spacetime diagrams... but rather spatial diagrams, which have some but only limited use.

    The visualizations I do are in Python and in Java... but they're not ready for general usage by others [i.e. they work for me to some extent, but isn't friendly enough for others to use for their own purposes yet].
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