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Remote Assistance Software

  1. Dec 13, 2015 #1
    I'm trying to find a way to allow people to send me remote assistance requests so I can control their computer but without having them first configure firewall rules on their end. The simplest solution seems to be to setup a vnc server on my end, configure my firewall rules appropriately and then have the other end "call me"

    From what I have read, this should be fairly simplistic. I'm supposed to just run some kind of vncviewer in listen mode and then the other side simply types in my ip address.
    To test, I setup a Windows7 VM on my debian box. Downloaded the UltraVNC viewer on that system. Connectivity and Firewalls aren't the issue. I've temporarily set my IPTABLES default policy to accept and i've killed the firewall service on my windows VM box. Both devices can ping each other.

    Then on my debian box, i first tried to use tightvnc
    From what I read, the following command is what was supposed to use
    Code (Text):
    xtightvncviewer -encodings "hextile copyrect" -listen
    When i tried to initiate a connection from my windows vm using the VNC viewer in uvnc's single click package.
    I supply my debian box's IP address with the default port but the vncviewer simply sits there and indicates that no data is being exchanged between client and server. I am unable to see or control the VM. When I terminate the listener process on my debian box, the windows vm says "other side gracefully closed connection"

    Another suggestion I saw was to use the Remote Desktop Viewer application on debian in listen mode. On Debian side, the Remote Desktop Viewer application's window goes dark when I attempt a connection but the result is still the same. The connection window on the VM shows that no data has been exchanged and I cannot control or view the remote system.

    I was wondering if there was a guide or an clear explanation on how to get this to work. I would appreciate some help

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    I was able to resolve the problem. Monumentally stupid move on my part.
    Normal VNC connections are viewer -> server
    reverse VNC connections are server -> viewer -listen

    What was I doing?
    viewer -> viewer -listen

    sigh. Little embarrassing, but it's working correctly now.
    This is what I did to get it to work, so others don't make the same mistake I did.

    On my debian box
    xtightvncviewer -encodings "hextile copyrect" -listen -encoding tight -compresslevel 9 -quality 0

    On my windows box, download uVNC Single Click from (http://www.uvnc.com/downloads/single-cl ... loads.html)
    I ran winvnc.exe (the server) supplied a different VNC & View-only VNC passwords (you need some password, doesn't matter what)
    Then, right click on the VNC tray icon and select add new client. Provide the IP/hostname for your listening box and connect!

    Reverse connection established!
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    Glad you have it working. :)
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