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Rotation and the poles

  1. Apr 7, 2007 #1
    I have a question with rotation and the equator. The question is on the north and south sides of the equator water travels clockwise or counterclockwise when drained. Does this occures in the first place or is it a farce.
    If this is true would engines or motors work more efficiently working in the direction of the pull. For instance the rotors on a helicopter would they be more efficient working in the direction of the pull ?
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    Welcome to PF.
    According to any scientific tests that I know of, the effect is a myth. Coriolis forces aren't strong enough to affect something like that. Which way the water spins is determined by initial motion, along with what sort of disturbance occurs during the 'uncorking'.
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    Doc Al

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    It's nonsense. Over the width of a water basin, the coriolis force is miniscule, easily swamped by other parameters. Read this: http://www.ems.psu.edu/~fraser/Bad/BadCoriolis.html" [Broken]
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    Nice link, Doc. Thanks.
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    Thanks for your info wasn't sure of the water flow issue.
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