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Rotational inertia and torque

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    HI ,I dont get the correct answer the the following problem.

    A 3kg solid wheel , rolling without slipping on a horizontal surface has a rotational inertia about its given by (MR^2)/2, where M is its mass and R its radius, A force applied to the axle and the center of mass has an acceleration of 2.0m/s^2.
    What are the magnitudes of the applied force and the frictional force of the surface?

    Here I can not visualize how the force is applied

    Thank you
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    Doc Al

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    Although not specified, I assume the applied force is horizontal. So I visualize the setup like so: Imagine the disk rolling to the right. The force is applied directly at the center of the disk (imagine a chain attached to the axle) and points to the right. You are given the acceleration. Use that info to figure out the forces (using Newton's 2nd law).
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    OK thanks Doc. Now I will try to solve it!

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