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Homework Help: Satellite orbiting Earth

  1. Jun 19, 2011 #1
    A 460kg satellite is launched into a circular orbit and attains an orbital altitude of 850km above Earth's surface. Calculate the:

    e) additional energy and speed required for the satellite to escape.

    I found Ek to be 1.27*10^10 J
    Thus, the total energy is -1.27*10^10 J
    The binding energy is 1.27*10^10 J.

    Wouldn't the additonal energy it needs be the binding energy?
    The escape speed would be calculated by root of:

    v(esc) = root of 2GM/r

    But the answer at the back says otherwis.e... :roll:
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    What is the the total energy of an object moving at escape velocity?
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