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Series Expansion Newton Dark Matter

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    I hope you can help me. I am a physicist but not a researcher and have currently not the time to study many papers about the subject of dark matter. What I would need for deeper thoughts is an expansion in a series of the Newton law for cases where it has been measured that star rotation around a galaxy is in contrast to Newton.

    Meaning: There should be something like

    F ≈ 1/r^2 + a/r^3 + ...

    I understand fully that the answer can't be that simple but please provide me with some information about the measured values and the uncertaincy in those measurements. Thanks a lot in advance.

    Best regards,

    PS, I edit this post: It ist not that I want to push a simple MOND hypothesis, I need reliable experimental data. Thanks a lot.
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    I would like to remove this thread. I did not see the geometry of the galaxies. It is something not to be described in such an easy way. A 1/r^2 rule is only given for a point like mass center. I found out some material, sorry.
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