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Homework Help: Signal analysis

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    can somebody tell me wath the function of this graph is ?

    http://studweb.hogent.be/~023112kv/graph.JPG" [Broken]

    Is this correct ?

    f(t) = u [ sin (pi*t) ]

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    I don't think so. First of all, the amplitude of the sine looks to be about 1.3, not 1.0. And the graph shows both a series of a time-shifted u(t) pulses and the result of multiplying that pulse train time the 1.3sin() waveform.

    If you want to represent the sine part of the graph, make a series of u(t) pulses shifted by 2 each time, and multiply that series times 1.3sin(). That should get you closer.
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    Maybe this doesn't answer your question, but i don't think this is a function see the first property of a function is that there is one and only one value of y for every value of x
    can you tell me what does f(0.9) equal ?
    is it near zero like the sine wave says or is it 1 like the square waves show...
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