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Signals and Systems coursework help:

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    This is kind of a homework topic, but not. Long story short, my beginning of my college career has been horrible in the academic standpoint. Bad calculus classes, a change of major, and 2 1/2 years later I sit staring at my signals book with no clue how to approach any of the problems. College texts don't do a thing for since I am a visual learner and I must see how everything is done before I can even think of attempting a problem.

    If anyone was kind enough to look over a bit of these problems and the work I have done, that would be great. I am speaking to the professor tomorrow as to how I can get assistance with this course. It's not like I'm not an intelligent person, it's that my way of learning seems like it diffurs so much from that of my professors.

    I'm going to insert a link shortly to the homework forum where I will post the problems. If anyone has some recommendations on how I could "catch up" or at least approach these problems differently or how you did or are doing it, that would be great.

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    Welcome to the PF, Bob. Hopefully you are starting to get some useful help in the Homework forum section, and hopefully your meeting with your prof tomorrow will bear fruit. I don't know if there is something analogous to the Orton-Gillingham teaching method for college-level techincal classes, but maybe there is.


    Best of luck, and hang in there.
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    Oh man... I just took Signals and Systems last semester. The teacher was born and raised in Korea... Got his Ph.D. there. Tough going in that class, I passed it, but it was rough. I'm in my second half of my junior year of EE... I've struggled to this point, but I feel I've reached a "turning point". It's been a rough road, and I'm tired of eeking by, I've played the game where I tell myself that the teacher isn't good... or I just don't learn that way, but the sooner you accept that you are in control of your own learning, and you have to take the steps (like seeing your professor, good on you for that!) to pass, the better you'll be! So much of college, at least for me, is just being able to stomach all of the crappy times (staying in all weekend studying/working on homework/working on projects) while all of your friends are out doing fun stuff. You just have to deal with it :)
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    Your absolutely right about taking your education into your own hands. At the end of the day, you benefit the most from putting up and going through with the hard times.
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