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Homework Help: Simple circuit questions

  1. Nov 3, 2005 #1
    I have some questions in comparing series and parallel circuits

    Which circuits contain the greatest current?

    Which circuits dissipate more power?

    and which circuits have a larger voltage drop?

    is there any way in figuring this out, by just theory or do the numbers intrepret these questions?

    Also was wondering If i had a table of values of Potential Differece(V) and Upward Acceration (m/s^2) and was asked to graph this, what would the slope represent? and the significane of the x-intercept?

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    When you appreciate the underlying concepts of Ohm's Law V = I*R and the power equation P = I*V, you can answer this part yourself. Try some problems that do use numbers in both series and parallel circuits. After solving a few problems of each type, you will also be able to answer this question yourself.
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