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Simple Gas mass/volume Question

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    The exhaust gas from a car is tested and found to contain 8% by volume of carbon monoxide. If the molar volume of CO at SLC = 24.4 L/mol, what is the mass of carbon monoxide in 1L of exhaust gas?

    I'm very new to these calculations and am unsure how to approach it.
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    What is SLC? Anyways, you want to know the mass of carbon monoxide in 1L of exhaust gas. You know the volume in 1L of exhaust gas, that's 8% of 1L, or 0.08L. Now, what can we use to go from volume to mass? Well, I think you can see how to get from volume to number of moles (look at what's given in the question). And you know how to go from number of moles to mass (look at your Periodic Table).
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    by SLC do u mean STP(Standard Temp Pressure)?
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    Yer probably...
    Might be a type in the question.
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    STP is 0C (273K), 1 atm. The molar volume at STP is 22.4 L, not 24.4 L

    NTP is 25C (298K), 1 atm. The molar volume at NTP (Normal temp. & press.) is 24.4L

    Never heard of SLC before - other than as an abbreviation for Salt Lake City.
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