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Simulating the flow around a 2D airfoil

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    I would like to simulate the flow around a 2D airfoil up to M=0.9.
    Could you please recommend me some bibliography?
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    Is it a well known type of airfoil (typical NACA designation)? If so, there are quite a few books that would probably have all of that information available already.

    The problem is, you want to go all the way up to Mach 0.9, which means you will start getting compressibility effects and all of the effects of transonic flow. You would likely need to go well beyond the basic theory of airfoils to get an accurate answer. In other words, how accurate does your answer really need to be?

    At any rate, "Theory of Wing Sections" by Abbott and Doenhoff would likely be a good starting place.
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    It would be a NACA, but I am not sure the designation. In fact, I'm more interested in the methodology to perform the simulation.

    When I was taking aerodynamic classes, I remember I did a flow simulation around an airfoil using finite differences. I don't remember if I used Navier-Stokes or Euler. Since it was about 15 years ago, I can't remember the details.

    I would like to be able to do such simulations again, this time to study the unsteady aerodynamics.
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