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Single Slit Explanation.

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    Today in class we went over the single slit experiment, the aim of the lesson was to see that the greater the diffraction angle the lower the intensity. We then looked at a graph where it showed along the x-axis the angle of diffraction and up the y-axis the intensity. There was a decrease in the intensity as the angle of diffraction increased, and there were points at which the intesnsity was zero along the x-axis, this was seen by there being gaps in the projected image. We then went on to discuss how the width of the slit affects the intensity.

    My question is why? Why are there points where there is zero intensity and is there anything else that explains the distribution of light? Is it to do with the light going through the slit and somehow the light interfering with itself? I am really not sure, and it is not in the course. Could someone please explain it, or if you prefer provide a link that explains it.

    Any help would be much appreciated. :biggrin:

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    Thanks Kurdt! :smile:
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    In school you should have begun with the double-slit experiment. That appears to be more grasp than the single slite one. Mathematics for the singleslit are slight more difficult than those fore the doubleslit.
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    We are learning about Diffraction in the lesson and so the single slit experiment was used as an example. We work our practicals on a rotation system where every week a different person has a different experiment, it has just turned out that for me that we have learned about the single slit experiemnt before I have had the chance to do the double slit.
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