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Small gas engine electric generator ?

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    i want to know if i can tie 2 generators together to get enough amps to run my house.

    i have an older 10 hp 4.5 k watt genset and a 5.5 hp 3 k watt genset.

    the 4.5 k genset is a 240 plug in but only 15 amps

    my ac is 240 at 30 amps
    and dryer require 220 at 30 amps.

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    Doesn't sound like a good idea to me. Even if you could, you wouldn't have enough current to run your house.
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    If you want to run the AC and dryer at the same time, those generators aren't powerful enough.
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    I'm not an expert, and have never done this, but there seems to be very few replies, so here's something I found when I quickly googled your query yesterday (the warnings, pitfalls, and a method for linking the generators):


    When you're trying to put generators in parallel, it's best to use generators designed for this purpose (I think there're a few Hondas that do this). Otherwise, you'll need to match frequency, phase angle, and (preferably) amplitude, or else danger ensues (mostly to the generators, but also possibly to you and your house).

    These aren't exactly the necessities of life, however. If you're going off the grid, or want to prepare for (prolonged) power outages, could you rough it? That or just buy a bigger generator.
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    I think it is a bit dodgy to parellel up two different generators.. Tricky enough if they are identical. Trying to alter frequency and phase with simple generators wouldn't be easy.

    You could get large circulating currents. You would need a syncroscope (expensive??) to get the phasing right and suitable switch gear.

    Why do you need to do it anyway??

    Only other way is the split the load between the two.. Much safer.
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