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Solar cells and electric fields

  1. Jan 30, 2010 #1

    This image confuses me a tad.
    We have the n-type (negative) silicon and the p-type (positive) silicon plates.
    We put the plates together. The electrons are in a rush to fill the positive "holes" on the p-side, and the positive holes are in a rush to to the n-side, to the electrons.

    Between the plates, equilibrium should be reached, making the center electrically neutral. Yet the other sides of the plates remain with their, charges if you like.

    Now it is said that an electric field is created in the center part, which allows the electrons to flow from the p-side to the n-side, but not the other way around. How??!!

    Why/how is the electric field created when the center part should be neutral, and how come the "-" attract the negative charges in the picture, and "+" repell them?

    Am I getting this whole thing wrong?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Never mind actually. I just relized how stupid I am.
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